Wednesday , 24 April 2019

How To Convert Your SIM Network To Zong Without Losing Numbers

Convert-to-Zong-from-other-networks-Zong is one of the biggest telecom company in pakistan that have 4G internet lisense and almost coverage in pakistan because of its satelite system. Zong is first telecom company in pakistan that purchased 4G lisense after that other companies get 4G lisense with that user can browse internet faster like jet speed. due to signal strength, 4G internet speed and best calling experience on affordable prices people preffer Zong on other networks and changing their network to zong telecom. seeing this zong have introduced MNP change many number to zong, with that you can convert your sim network to zong without going to franchise or retailer shop.

How To Change SIM Network To Zong With MNP Code

You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will converted to zong family. zong mnp method is first you have to write a messege typed MNP and send it to 667 and you will receive a msg asking your name and CNIC number. farward your details to that number and that’s all,your network will be changed in 4 working days. zong also have a feature that they have online system for sim network converting. if you want to change your network to zong online then go the website of zong and complete a process and you will be converted to zong network.

How to convert your network to Zong?

  • Type MNP in a message and send it to 667
  • Name and CNIC will be asked.
  • Reply your name and CNIC number to 76313.
  • SIM network will be changed within 4 working days.
  • You can also change your sim network to zong online on Zong’s website.

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