Friday , 21 June 2019

Ufone 3G Daily Internet Packages 2017 Details

ufone 3g daily internet packages details

Ufone 3G Internet Daily Packages Details Ufone is famous pakistan telecom company that also have 3G lisense so that their customers can use faster 3G interent service in pakistan. After Purchasing 3G lisense ufone have invented many Latest Ufone internet packages, ufone daily internet offers and ufone 1 one daily net bundles. Ufone have four daily internet packages so that …

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Mobilink Jazz 3G Daily Internet Bundle Offer Details 2017

Mobilink_3G_Packages details

Mobilink jazz is famous and biggest telecom network in pakistan that also have 3G internet lisense. Since 3G there was 2G interent everywhere in pakistan but now people of pakistan can now use jet speed fast internet browsing with 3G and 4G packages. Mobilink jazz 3G internet packages 2017 details are given below. Jazz have many 3G internet packages along …

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How To Share Balance On Mobilink Jazz

jazz share - transfer balance to any jazz number

Mobilink Jazz is biggest and best network in pakistan that have 3G internet lisense so that its users can enjoy faster internet surffing. Mobilink jazz have many packages of voice calls, SMS bundles & internet offers so that every person can pick its needy package to use. Due to large number of customers and usage of data Mobilink jazz have …

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Telenor Smart Share – Transfer Balance With Code Method

telenor smart balance share method by what-mobile

Telenor Is one of the best telecom company in pakistan that is now offering new service named “Telenor Smart Share Service“. With this service all the telenor customers can share balance in telenor numbers. Here you will know that how to share balance on telenor and details of this service ie charges, limit, process or full method is given at …

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How To Transfer Balance To Ufone – Limit Charges & Process Details

how to share balance in ufone - code

Ufone is famous telecom company in pakistan that have a lot of customers from all over the pakistan. Ufone have 3G Lisense so that its users can experience faster internet. Ufone have many packages ie voice call packages, sms bundles and internet offers. This is why ufone have large number fo customers. Now ufone have invented a new service named …

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How To Share/Transfer Balance On Waird To Warid Number

Warid PrePaid PostPaid Balance Share service

Warid is pakistan one of the best telecom company which now have affliated with mobilink jazz. warid telecom have an awesome service name ” Warid Balance Transfer Service” That is very useful sometime when you don’t have a balance you want to share balance from a friend or family member. Warid user can share balance from amount Rs. 10 to …

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Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet Offer For 7 Days

mobilink jazz 3g weekly internet packages

Mobilink Jazz is famous pakistan telecom company that also owned warid and gives pakistan best calling package name jazz waird call package. Mobilink also have many other call, sms and internet packages so that user can picks its favourite one. Mobilink Jazz have many internet package ie daily, weekly, monthly, fornightly and other internet bundles. In this artical  i will …

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Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer – Free Minutes SMS & MBs


Telenor is famous telecom company in pakistan that have 3 crore customers using different packages. Most of them are students and for them telenor have invented a new offer named Telenor 3 Din sahulat offer. All the customers are going to enjoy this offer on their all packages. Telenor 3 days sahulat offer gives you 250 on-net minutes, 25 off-net …

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Apple Introduce Iphone 7 In Red Color – Price In Pakistan

apple iphone 7 in red colour price in pakistan

ایپل نے اپنے سرخ آئی فون سیون اور سیون پلس کے دو نئے ماڈل پیش کرنے کا اعلان کیا ہے ایپل کی جانب سے سرخ فون کےعلاوہ ایک نئی ویڈیو ایڈیٹنگ ایپ ’’کلپس‘‘ پیش کرنے کے ساتھ ساتھ نئے اور کم قیمت آئی پیڈز بھی پیش کیے جارہے ہیں۔ ریڈ آئی فون سیون اور سیون پلس کی قیمتیں پاکستانی 75 ہزار …

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Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone News


Samsung Is About To Launch Galaxy Foldable Smartphone سام سنگ رواں سال کے آخر تکفولڈ ہوجانے والے سمارٹ فون ”گلیکسی ایکس“ متعارف کروائے گا۔ تاہم پہلے اس ڈیوائس کا پروٹوٹائپ ماڈل تیار کیا گیا ہے جسے کمپنی اپنے شراکت داروں کو دے گی اور صارفین میں اس کی ڈیمانڈ کا جائزہ لے گی۔ذرائع ابلاغ کے مطابق ابتداء میں اس کے …

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